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Sell Our Products On Your Own Website


What is this about

We know have the ability to set up a website, with a custom link, selling the products you want on it. We  set-up the profit you want to make on each item and this is calculated into each sale. 

Who is this for

This is for anyone who wants to sell there custom apparel on a website. The idea is mainly directed towards fundraising, large groups that need to order items, and businesses that want a website that sells their apparel with their logo. 

What does this cost you.

NOTHING!!!!! We will work with you and set-up the store with the items you want at no cost. We provide a generic web link for free. If you want a specific (.com) web address we can provide that at $20 a year. This is the cost of buying the domain name. 

Website Features

This is a full functioning website 

  1. We can provide basic customization on the website. For example, you want the ability to change the name on the shirt the purchaser can do that and view the changes live. 
  2. We can set up shipping or have the sales be picked up at our retail location .
  3. The website accepts credit card payments. We have the ability to have people order  and pay on pick-up but this will only be put into place if payment is made a head of time

The Small Print

To create your own website you must set-up and appointment. We reserve the right to decline your request for a site. The sites take time to make and there has to be a plan on selling the items. If the plan must include a sales projection of $500 or more.